Our story

Caisla is a Finnish family business with roots deep in Central Finland and Indian winds beneath the wings


In a young family business the successors get involved in good time.



“Caisla Ltd. imports carefully selected marble and ceramic tiles to Finland”

By the time it was Timo’s turn to take over his family estate, he was the 14th Kinnunen to do so and the estate had already maintained the family for hundreds of years. It was originally sold to his forefather by King Gustav I of Sweden in the 1550s. By sheer perseverance the overgrown piece of land was then turned into a thriving farmstead and named Kasala.

On the other side of the world, 7000 kilometers away, Dippy was packing her backpack with indepth knowledge about her family’s tile business and getting ready to begin her graduate studies in Finland. Father Gurdit and brother Prabhjot would stay in their hometown growing the family business, which today represents dozens of global brands all over Northern India.

When Timo’s and Dippy’s paths then crossed, strong Scandinavian business knowhow met an Asian treasure chest of product innovations. And so Casala Ltd. was born, which later was renamed Caisla Ltd. The original name pays respect to the courageous and resolute mentality of family Kinnunen. This legacy continues to inspire Timo and Dippy. The couple respects the same values that helped build the farmstead; Success is made by uncompromising attitude and working tirelessly to redeem the trust invested in them by customers and partners. But in the end of the day, it is all about helping customers succeed.


Today Caisla Ltd. imports and sells unique, premium-quality flooring and wall surface solutions to both interior and exterior use. Their flagship product is iMarble, based on next generation production technology. iMarble challenges traditional marble and ceramic tiles providing Finnish markets with a completely new and exciting choice of surface material that meets the needs of even the most demanding designers, architects, builders and consumers.