Casala changes name and updates its strategy

Company is from now on called Caisla Ltd, as the old name will no longer be used. At the same time, Caisla expands its operations from importing and reselling ceramic products, also to contract manufacturing. The domain extension allows Caisla to operate as contract manufacturer in construction and interior design, utilizing both its extensive manufacturing network in Asia and logistics expertise in Europe.

“Caisla will continue seamlessly from where we were left with our partners and customers under the name Casala. We will import unique ceramic and stone surface products for both our customers’ new construction and repair building projects, and for our Finnish reseller networks. The company name and strategy change is our answer especially to our business customers’ needs. Our capability to operate on the versatile manufacturing environment in Asia has been recognized in Finland. We are agile and capable partner in both construction, as well as interior design and decoration, and also able to find supreme manufacturing and logistics solutions for our customers from price-quality point of view.” tells Timo Kinnunen, CEO of Caisla.

Caisla Ltd is a Finnish family company that brings together the long entrepreneur history of Kinnunen family from Central Finland, and the success story of Singh family as a global interior design provider from Northern India. Caisla manufactures and imports superior wall and floor products and solutions for both tasteful building facades and stylish interior and bathroom designs. In addition, Caisla has extensive contract manufacturing network to provide special solutions especially for business customers.