Our products such as Qutone iMarble and Johnson Engineered Marble have several unique qualities which make them best solution for both interior and exterior installations

  • anti-bacterial


    Engineered marble has low or zero porosity which is ensuring anti-fungal life.

  • hammer

    High hardness

    Even when used in high-traffic areas, engineered marble needs minimum care because of its highly compact body and high hardness index

  • eye

    Controlled production

    Precision of tiles is always at the highest level

  • diamond

    Scratch and stain resistant

    Processed slabs of engineered marble are compact made and have a very high breakage strength

  • feather

    Relatively light

    Engineered marble weighs at least 60% less than traditional marble. This adds to the simplicity of installation and transport of the slabs

  • water

    0.05 water absorbance level

High-tech elegance

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Who we are

Timo Kinnunen

Timo Kinnunen

ceo, partner

Timo has over 20 years of experience in managing, developing and growing industry and service sector business in Northern Europe.”

”What we are doing here is building the best possible customer experience – and enjoying the process.“

Dippy Kinnunen

Dippy Kinnunen

sourcing director, partner

Dippy has been living and breathing their family business since birth, which has given her an impeccable insights into the industry.”

”For me personally, Caisla is about throwing myself into this, giving it my all and enjoying our achievements together with the customer.”

Mia Halsti

Mia Halsti

account director

Mia is a sales professional. She has over 10 years of experience in project sales and executive managing of spatial design projects. Mia offers sales services also in swedish and english. How may we help you?

”I´m a strong communicator with excellent listening skills. I always place my clients wishes and needs in the center of my activities, and I love working with professionals. My aim is constanly to find perfect products and solutions for my clients, according to given budgets”.